Change is Coming

Could that work be done from home?


Once the semblance of normalcy returns, the status quo can shift. In the coming weeks, the workforce will prove day to day operation can continue, regardless of where the employee is. With the freedom of remote work options, employees are likely to ask for the option once again.

It could also reshape how and why companies choose to meet, with the potential to disrupt the flow of people traveling for meetings.

For a long time, sectors have flown people around the world for meetings because of tradition and habit. It will be interesting to see how much companies can save without doing that.

Real-time communication is necessary for brainstorming, collaboration and back-and-forth discourse. But there’s a lot that can be accomplished through screen sharing or independently adding to the building blocks of a product before coming together.

Some companies have work from home options and employees. Some even have “flex Fridays” where people take time to work from home. A lot of the focus is on the social aspect of employees and making sure remote workers feel included.

Even as companies work to bring more fully remote people on staff, drawing from a larger talent pool, they still want to continue to invest in bringing remote people in for face-to-face meetings. While for now some onboarding is conducted online, there are processes that companies would prefer to do in person.

Work from home options have been around for years, but getting to the point where employees can operate fully remote has not yet had widespread adoption in the U.S..

The idea that we could get to the point where anyone could work anywhere is ideal, where a heavier weight is put on face-to-face interaction and companies wouldn’t require as much office space.

What is your opinion? Has recent events changed the way you will be doing business in the future?


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