Coronavirus Disruption And Your Workplace In The Post-COVID World

Pandemics catalyze innovation and accelerate change by providing an environment for launching and testing new ideas. Today’s coronavirus is already changing cultural and business norms shaking to the core of what we have taken for granted for decades and centuries. The simple act of a handshake is increasingly becoming a relic, even as we surgically wash our hands a dozen times a day.

Remote workers were already on the rise, but “working from home” is now becoming a “new normal”. Work from home will lead to a myriad of workplace changes impacting teamwork, productivity, collaboration, and communication. Since the coronavirus outbreak shares of Zoom, the work from home tool of choice have significantly outperformed the markets in value, an early sign of a market that is already anticipating changes. We can expect to see these transformations continue to impact how we think about office real estate and business interactions and collaboration, leading to a set of innovations to facilitate these evolving trends and make them permanent.

Additionally, people are now staying six feet away from each other; restaurant visits are down; we are avoiding gyms and public places. With the popularity of Netflix, food delivery, Amazon Prime, ultra-fast broadband and Pelotons, it seems as if we have spent the past decade preparing for this moment. But our lifestyle changes, which were already in the making, will be exacerbated by this disease. Already companies like Postmates and Instacart are offering “contactless” delivery options. Similar offerings will evolve, and soon, a wave of innovation, designed for our new way of living and work, will spawn, and historians may likely mark today’s coronavirus as the spark for long-term societal change.

-Wayne Rash-Forbes Contrubitor

What innovations will you be forced to incorporate into your business?

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